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Boishakhi Mela - 2017 -

Boishakhi Mela - 2017

International Turkish Hope School pompously welcomed the Bangla New Year, 1424. As a part of it ITHS arranged a ‘mela’ on Saturday, 15 April from 10 am to 2.00 pm, at its magnificent Main Campus Indoor Basketball Court and its adjacent corners. Throngs of parents with their kith and kin started flocking at the fair from the morning.

The smiling guests were cordially welcomed by the senior students and some teachers at the entrance. It was a place of merry people in their colorful Boishakhi outfits. Even parents of other nationalities were dressed in ‘Deshi’ clothes to signify the fervor of the very day. The bustles of the buyers and sellers who are none but the students, parents, school staff and guardians filled the air around the gigantic room. Ignoring the heat of dawn of summer, they gathered and spent lot of time inside. The room looked like having all the colors of the world. The excitement of the playful kids was watch worthy.

The stalls were set up on all the four sides of the massive room with goods of all kinds: sari, jewellery, salwar kamiz suits, kids’ clothes, toys, floor mats and what not. Visitors were mesmerized in the pile of eye catching stuff for sale. It was hard for them to resist not buying some of the bits and pieces. Some were busy making a good deal. Both the parties: the buyers and sellers were introduced to each other on this occasion, at one point they exchanged contact numbers for the future.

The Most vital part was the food corners. Copious food stalls with an array of delicious local and continental foods caught the attention of the visitors putting them in the maze to devour the delicacies one after another. A good number of tables with chairs were set up at the middle of the room for the consumers who preferred enjoying the food there. And many more chose to buy the food for their families. ‘Fuchka,’ ‘chotpoti,’ various kinds of drinks, ‘pithas,’ cakes were of high demand. To quench the thirst of scorching weather the drink made of green mango was the number one go.

The enthusiasm of all invitees and organizers was praiseworthy. It was at the same time a place where parents and individuals known to each other could assemble together for socializing which is an important part of community life. For our students attending the fair is very important as this is where they come to know the root of Bangladeshi culture and its thousand years old heritages. The splendor of it gives such a positive vibe that the School Management naturally feels the urge to arrange more of such events on each and every national and international occasion. The joy of all the visitors is the thing to treasure for the future.

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