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Gold & Bronze Medals from Infomatrix Kazakhstan - 2017 -

Gold & Bronze Medals from Infomatrix Kazakhstan - 2017

Three members of Bangladesh team who have participated in the 5th INTERNATIONAL INFOMATRIX COMPUTER PROJECT OLYMPIAD with two projects have been awarded with GOLD and BRONZE MEDALS. Humaira Kabir Maliha and Rifat Bin Sarker, students of Int’l Turkish Hope School and their teacher Kamrul Ahsan, represented Bangladesh in the 5th International Infomatrix Computer Project Olympiad which was held between 13 and 16 April, 2017 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Institute of Technology, Ministry of Education and Suleyman Demirel University were the organizers of the 5th International InfoMatrix Computer Project Olympiad. 400 students from more than 15 countries competed in this Olympiad and Bangladesh participated with two projects. Rifat Bin Sarker participated with his project named “Don’t Quit” and won the Bronze Medal. Another project done by Humaira Kabir Maliha and Reyhan Gulerman won the Gold Medal, with a short movie project named “Never Give Up”. This is the first time ever Bangladesh earned this achievement.

The Olympiad was a four days event, where on the first and second day students and outside visitors have roamed around the stalls and seen the projects that everyone had prepared. The students have worn their national dresses, and hanged their national flags on their stalls during the Olympiad. These were also the days when the judges of the selected categories have seen the stalls and marked the projects, based on the project itself, presentation, and lastly cultural influence on the dress up and stall of the students. On the fourth day, the Closing Ceremony was held and the prizes were distributed. Ministers, Parliament Members and other high officials of Kazakhstan Republic were present during the Award Ceremony.

During the four days, the students lived in the newly built hostels in the University Campus and were separated from their mentors, and lived in different floors, in one room with two other students from other countries, who were also attending the Olympiad. "It has really helped us to know about many different cultures and languages and we have gotten to meet new people and have made many friends from different countries. We hope to see the students participating from our school achieving higher awards in more prestigious Olympiads in the future." comment students.

This is not the first time the school has attended such prestigious events, representing our country, and we hope to see them attending such events in the near future as well, so that they can make Bangladesh proud and furthermore internationally recognized as a country well developed in the informational Technology Sector.

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