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Great Achievement in Genius Olympiad 2017, USA -

Great Achievement in Genius Olympiad 2017, USA

And finally after 4 days of grueling anticipation, Genius Olympiad finally announced the winners on Friday afternoon.

10 brilliant participants from International Turkish Hope School represented Bangladesh in this historical Olympiad in State University of New York (SUNY) Oswego, New York.

Here are the results for the individual participants:

Fariha Khan- Creative Writing-Honourable Mention
Fatema Toj Zohora-Creative Writing-   Honourable Mention
Shaira Kamal-Creative Writing-honourable mention
Junayed Abdullah- Art - Honourable mention
Zihan Hasan-Creative Writing-Bronze
Saleh Akram Fuad and Tasneem Abdullah Aurnobb - Short Film-Silver
Nasima Md. Helal and Mostary Ahmed Patwary -Science- Silver
Nashra Zaman-Creative writing-Gold

The winners not only received a brand new Amazon Kindle Fire but also a $9000 Scholarship should they chose to apply to SUNY! Its a great opportunity for these young geniuses to make their dreams into a reality.

Participants flew thousands of miles from 73 countries all over the world. Geniuses from these countries showcased their colourful culture language and values. Throughout the week, we truly got a glimpse of what world peace could look like. There were no ill intended rivalry between countries and such friendships will last forever.

The 5 day program started with a tour of their breathtaking Oswego campus by Lake Ontario. Afterwards there was a enthralling ice breaker activity for the students to loosen them up before judging. Finally there was the opening gala featuring performance from billboard #1 Jazz artist, Marcus Anderson. 

Judging took place at SUNY's grand ice hockey rink as well as the international fair. Bangladesh as well as other countries displayed a paraphernalia of traditional items for the guests to enjoy! However, arguably the Bangladeshi stall was the most popular as it showcased henna tattoo art. Students as well as supervisors from all countries lined up and were huge fans of the art. After the fair there were vibrant performances from all over the world. Some Included dances, playing instruments and singing. ITHS participants Nasima Helal, Mostary Patwary and Nashra Zaman sang Dheem Tana in their melodious voice.

Students were also taken to Niagara Falls where they had the time of their lives. Finally on the award ceremony day, Fehmi Damkaci President of Genius Olympiad, congratulated all the participants for their brilliant ideas. He also mentioned the importance of such environmental friendly solutions for the betterment of our world.

The students who made Bangladesh proud were accompanied by their supervisors Mr. Fatih Mollaalioglu and Nikhat Lubna. Next year we will visit again and this time we will be even more formidable.

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