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December 07, 2017

Subject: School LOGO change and other contemporary issues

Dear Parents,

On behalf of International Turkish Hope School, at first, we would like to extend our thankfulness and gratitude for choosing us for your child’s education which is the pivotal part of one’s entire life, for being with us with the best of your supports and cooperation. Since the inception of the school, we have always been sincere from our part to offer our pupils the best possible education with distinctive value education.

We have unfortunately gathered information from various quarters that very recently some of our valued parents are in despair upon receiving rumors related to our beloved institution that we have raised with our utmost dedication and hard work over the past twenty years to this extraordinarily dependable educational institution of international standard. We would like to inform you again that this is a privately-owned institution which is in accordance with the existing rules and regulations of the Bangladesh Education Board. 

The change of school LOGO has given birth to some questions to you! The reason behind is that there is some embargo on the use of the flag of any country in any private organization. For your further information, there might be or will be needful changes time to time, only it should be coherent with the requirements. In this context, we earnestly request our beloved parents and guardians not to pay any heed to rumors and false propaganda. 

We can assure you that we’ve completely devoted ourselves for the overall upbringing of the students of all grades, and for the development of the institution. We can proudly tell that our students are incomparable in many fields including academics and others in and abroad. Our O’ Level and A’ Level exam results are mentionable. Many of our students have got admitted to world’s best universities including MIT, University of Toronto, The University of British Columbia, Brown University, University of Rochester, McGill University, University of Memorial etc.

In a closer look, you will definitely feel the difference between the behavioral traits of our students and others which is very important in this turbulent 21st century world scenario. Our students are constantly engaged in education and extracurricular activities to remain mentally occupied positively under the careful supervision of a dedicated group of teachers. The school is going on smoothly with its regular course of actions.

So, please set all the confusions and dilemmas aside stay with us, come forward and approach us with your suggestions on whatever you feel related to schooling. With your collaboration we very well be able to raise and present Bangladesh and the world wonderful citizens for the future.


Thanking you


The School Management

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