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International Turkish Hope School (ITHS) has been organizing Inter-school Bangla Olympiad for the last seven consecutive years in the month of February, the month of International Mother Language Day and has seen participation from the most prominent English Medium and English Versions of the National Curriculum Schools of Dhaka. Bangla Olympiad is an annual inter-school competition envisioned for the purpose of cultivating students’ interest in Bangla and stimulating their intellect through the use of that great language. We at ITHS believe that competitions like these will not only raise awareness among the younger generation, but also strengthen their devotion towards this country.

Like last year, a staggering number of contestants from numerous renowned schools around Dhaka participated in six different categories and showcased their talents in the field of Music, Poem Recitation, Essay Writing, Drawing, Group Dance, and Extempore speech. With the involvements of the prominent intellectuals, artists, linguists, academicians and media personnel, the Olympiad gained an enormous momentum within a very short time. Patriotic feelings clustered around the passion that exists in our hearts for Bangla Language and it accelerated the number of schools that participated this year as well. A total of 1500 participants from 62 different schools and 88 branches participated in the 7th Inter-school Bangla Olympiad this year at ITHS Main Campus. A number of dignitaries along with Professor Hashem Khan, actor and artist Chanchal Chowdhury, Harold Rasheed the founder member of Anandaniketan School Sylhet, were with us during the program.

The judges who attended the event were Anisuzzaman Anis, Dr. Azharul Islam Sheikh, Shanjib Das Apu, Mahbub Aziz, Maruf Raihan, Md. Neyamat Ullah, Shoaib Gibran, Dr. Md. Moshiur Rahman, Faroha Suhrawardi, Md. Mohsinul Haque, Tashrik-E-Habib, Kabirul Islam, Laila Hasan, Lubna Marium, Nilufer Wahid, Prof. Mahua Mukharjee, Saju Ahmed, Ahsan Kabir, Ashraful Alam, Aslam Sani, Dipankar Das, Farid Kabir, Faruk Alamgir, Rupa Chakraborty, Dahlia Ahmed, Shahria Pieu, Mohammed Shoaib, Kamol Khalid, Md. Maafizur Rahman, Lina Taposhi Khan, Lili Islam, and Nadira Begum. We would like to extend our utmost gratitude towards them for sharing their valuable time, knowledge, and experience with us and, in the process, evaluating every performance with great proficiency.

ITHS always expressed profound admiration for the heroic language martyrs who had enabled the world to celebrate 21st February as the International Mother Language Day since its establishment. As the day is being celebrated enthusiastically in different parts of Bangladesh through various cultural activities, ITHS has also taken the initiative to organize such cultural events in order to pay homage to all the martyrs of 1952 and commemorate their sacrifice through instilling and encouraging our future generation to be mindful of rich Bangla Language and culture. Evidently, this philosophy and awareness programs have been playing a significant role in the upbringing of our future generation and providing an opportunity to display our heritage in International Festival of Language and Culture platforms.

ITHS management and EC committee of Bangla Olympiad have expressed their gratefulness and thanks to all concerns who made the Competition Day of the 7th event successful.

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