As we appreciate the value of physical activity to student development, both in terms of physical and mental wellbeing, the school not only has the aforementioned sporting grounds and facilities, including changing rooms and an indoor sports hall, but also employs experienced instructors and coaches.

On the road to creating well-rounded, accomplished graduates, our school does all it can to promote sporting skill and achievement, with sporting activity included as a usual part of a school day, for every age group.

With crowds of onlookers and well-wishers, especially at our football and basketball matches, student players can experience the excitement of competition as well as the soul reflection that accompanies both sporting victories and defeats. They learn physical skills and indispensible life skills such as teamwork.

Sporting events are an important opportunity for students to express their school spirit and revel in the achievements of classmates, while also recognising the need for recreation and constructive entertainment.

Sport is just one part of the school’s multifaceted approach aimed at positioning our students to become potential future leaders in Bangladesh and beyond.