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Team IHSB in Spelling bee season 5

o begin with, Spelling Bee

To begin with, Spelling Bee is a competition in which contestants are asked to spell a chosen word from a broad selection of words, which usually varies a degree of difficulty. Spellers memorize the spellings from their selection, and are required to recite the spelling correctly. This year’s Spelling Bee was incredibly fascinating, yet nerve-racking. Unlike other seasons in the past, this year was different comparatively. This year, to start with, we held a round at our school from which the elected contestants will advance to other rounds such as Divisional Round and TV Round. It was indeed quite an exciting venture for me, as I was selected from the final participants to move on to the other rounds. Since I was left as one of the only students to attend the final round, I feel extremely grateful being able to represent my school through such a massive and difficult path that I had to follow in order to first get selected for our school round, to all the way succeeding, and being chosen. It was a wise choice to bring the competition to not only our school, but to the entire country, and giving students a chance to enter, and win such a fantastic yet challenging competition. It also allows us to learn words from our lists, some being downright fresh to us, as we never learnt before, expanding our English and vocabulary skills. Each year, the level of difficulty gets gradually harder and bigger in lists of more extensive words, which, eventually makes us urging to learn more. Furthermore, the more we get to learn, the higher the possibility of contesting or maybe, going all the way to final round to be the champion. It is not only a massive achievement one may receive. Not only is it something that provides us with pride, but it also shows how we can stand out from all the other children in our country, also extremely useful whenever we might want to enter universities and study with our utter desire. Overall, the “Spelling Bee” competition is one that stands from many, and one that all students could learn to adapt to, and deeply appreciate. Here is our five proud qualifiers for the TV round;  from the left, Ramis Zahra, Rainaz Tazmin Neha, Raihan Chowedhury,  Ajowad Md. Ajimuddin Hossain, Aryan Faiyaz Ahmed.

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