International Hope School Bangladesh

Merit-Based Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program Policy

International Hope School Bangladesh (IHSB) has much to offer pupils who have outstanding talent and potential academically. Accordingly, this scholarship is available to exceptional students who will enhance the reputation of the school, whilst benefiting from an extensive range of opportunities. IHSB strives to motivate and empower students to achieve their higher education goals by providing knowledge, skills and financial resources essential for success. Target group of age of students is 11 to 16. This scholarship program is worth up to 90% of the tuition fee.

Scholarship assessment criteria

The assessment process for all scholarships will enable the school to evaluate how well candidates can perform in their comfort zone as well as the other sides, and whether they can demonstrate the potential to develop further. This will also explore potential by exposing candidates to new concepts or processes and offering challenging opportunities to show tenacity and leadership. Based on commitment and dependability at school, students’ activities will be evaluated too. Students who achieved 80% or above marks in their latest academic records are eligible for the scholarship exam participation.

Selection Process for Academic Scholarships

All completed applications accompanied by all required supporting materials will be reviewed by the Scholarship Application Evaluation Committee to ensure that every applicant receives full consideration. Scholarships will be awarded in a manner that matches the higher monetary award amounts with the better-qualified candidates who meet all the requisite criteria. Applicants will be scored using a percentage system based on the following criteria.

  1. Latest Academic records, from there 30% of the average will be taken which can give maximum 30 points.
  2. Based on the co-curricular activities and/or Viva, a maximum of 10 points will be awarded.
  3. And up to 60 points can be achieved from the Scholarship Exam
Scholarship Exam Result Transcripts Extracurricular activities: For IHSB students
CV: For other school students
And Viva Test
60 30 10

According to the provided table best 10-15 participants will be selected from the merit list for a Viva exam. Finally, based on some core behavioral analysis maximum 3-5 students will get the scholarship. Scholarship amount may vary from 70% to 90% of the total tuition fees depending on the final decision of the IHSB Management.

CV Template:

Other School students need to fill up the given CV template to demonstrate their achievements in the co-curricular activities. Students must bring the original certificates if selected for the final Viva exam.

Applicants name:
Applicant’s address and contact number:
Applicant’s school name and address:
Achievements in the
co-curricular activities:
Write a statement about your personality,
character & suitability for scholarship
and why you need the scholarship.

(Within 250 words)

If needed, please add extra page/s along with this template. Thank you.

Necessary documents needed along with the application:

  • Passport copy.
  • Two passport size photos
  • Transcripts (Latest academic year’s performance report)

Scholarship award cancelation:

Student’s scholarship award can be revoked if any of the following conditions found:

  • Students should maintain 80% above marks in their formative and summative assessments.
  • They should always maintain proper discipline and their behavioral marks need to be 100 throughout the academic year.
  • They should be always respectful towards the law of Bangladesh and the policies of school.

Last Date of Registration: 25th May 2023
Exam Date: 3rd June 2023
Venue: International Hope School Bangladesh (Main Campus)

International Hope School Bangladesh (Chattogram Campus)
77/A East Nasirabad, Chattogram

Registration Link: